How to prepare

For many people the peregrination to Santiago de Compostela is a sensation and the only and gratifying enough experience in the course of your life. At the same time as it turns into a physical and mental challenge that it is necessary to prepare very held up. For it I prepare to detail the following advices that are vital to undertake the only peregrination.
These advices are seen by the side of the experience of our pilgrims in your to peregrinate to Santiago de Compostela across these last years.

Before nothing it is necessary to set reading on the topic of history and legends on the peregrination to Compost Her, or to visit some nearby association that they could advise you on the topic, there is a wide catalogue of books that report theirs different topics Jacobeos, as well as guides, maps, you can choose the one that more you like.
It is suitable make a previous plan of stages to do the way thinking that his your normal tracing is from 20 to 30 kilometres approximately every day. It is suitable to programme the first stages that are short then to go to more.

It is necessary to do a previous training of a few weeks alternative effecting treks of an hour every day and to be increasing progressively until from 20 to 25 kilometres to come at 4 a.m. in a total telling that a trek of an hour non-stop to a normal pace I know they effect 4 kilometres approximately.

The consultation of lodgings and refuges enabled for the pilgrims is basic if you want to use this service. These refuges are exclusively for pilgrims afoot, in bicycle, or astride; accredited with the credential of the pilgrim, previous reservations cannot be done. The big groups it is advised that an alternative should be looked to the housing in habitual lodgings due to your capacity; calling to the town halls of the localities for your possible location in schools or polysport.
The peregrination covering this one within reach of any person though he is not an athlete providing that it can dose your forces and your physical possibilities. For it a training is necessary since previously we were outlining.

Rules and advices


The Way is put up signs by arrows, unidirectional of yellow color. There is no possible loss.

Lodgings of Pilgrims

We advise that out of high season to insure itself(himself,herself) if they are opened. In this Link the pilgrims, will see the lodgings opened in the French way opened in winter

Lodgings of Pilgrims (municipal)

The refuges are for exclusive use of the pilgrims by foot, in bicycle or astride, and that take credential of the pilgrim. It is not obligatory use the same ones to do the peregrination to Santiago. The lodgings of Pilgrims of the Way of Santiago are housings that diverse institutions and some individual, put to the service of the pilgrims jacobeos. Not they all have the same comforts, the pilgrims will have to accept of good taste that one offers him; let’s know that always it is the fruit disinterested in many persons who work in favor of the pilgrims. All the lodgings have widespread procedure of use. Since procedure we can indicate the following ones: the seats deal on order of arrival; the pilgrims prefer by foot, the cyclists will have to wait in the late afternoon to occupy seat; it neither is reserved it nor is possible to seat; The stay in the lodging is during one night, except in case of disease. The drivers of cars of support cannot use. If you see someone who is not travellin) and takes advantage of a seat in the lodging; communicate it to the hospitalero, who will withdraw the credential from him or will communicate it to other lodgings for such that should not leave him use. In the free lodgings, we has to collaborate economically with an advisable minimal donation 5 €. What you find in the lodging today, belongs to the yesterday pilgrim, thinks about the pilgrim of tomorrow. It is said by great reason, and we must remember in all the stages, for which while the tourist is in the habit of demanding, the pilgrim is grateful.

Lodgings of Pilgrims (private):

Principally the difference with the police officers is that it is possible to call and see what services they can offer you. Reserve, dinners, etc. In some the spirit of the Way is breathed for being attended by authentic “Pilgrims” the same as in some bars or restaurants. We do not say all those who “EXIST” to meet luck it.


They are former pilgrims who decide to dedicate part of your vacations to collaborating in the attention of the pilgrims in diverse refuges of the Way. If your these interested in the following link there is information about courses of hospitaleros:


It has to be wide and with pockets, adjustably the height, no more than 30 liters of capacity. They have to put on the things in bags of clothes of colors to be able to facilitate your use, let’s avoid strident noises in the night and of dawn (those of plastic are a nuisance very much). The weight is a great problem, it is advisable not to overcome the equivalent of 10 % of your corporal weight. The challenge is not to take any more than 7 kg. He adapts the pilgrim’s scallop , is an identification of the pilgrim. In our Association we have them drawn with the cross of Santiago.

Distribution of the weight of the Rucksack:

Resultado de imagen de imagenes distribucion peso mochila

Sleeping bag:

It is indispensable, if it is thought to use the refuges of pilgrims; in the summer it is not necessary that it is very thick and therefore very heavily. You thinks about a lower sheet to isolate the mattress and to use the sack as blanket. It is necessary to take the insulating one of foam rubber for if to case and very suitable to take stoppers for the ears, you needed them.


It is possible to go with sports of fat sole and with a good drawing. One has to take a few old shoes, of little weight, for the bath, to walk along the lodging and also of rest. The blisters in the feet are produced always by the fret, or that the foot dances inside the footwear. A good advice is before walking the feet to be daubed by Vaseline(petroleum jelly) or VapoRub and there are a few special socks anti blisters that do not take seam, but they advise to put on the socks upside-down to avoid the seams.
In the most sensitive places, it is advisable to put a sticking-plaster that it will do of synthetic leather and will avoid, the blisters. If the blister is hard and does not have exuded it is necessary to put a suitable dressing (to ask in drugstore and not to put you shiver because gets soft), but if it has exuded of pus or coagulated blood it is necessary to go to the medical center because it can cause an infection (surely to puncture and to cover with the suitable dressing). The “shoe-laces” are the result of a concentration of metabolic products of rejection (lactic acid, between others) in the muscular fabric caused by a blood insufficient irrigation.                                     It can be due to the lack of training and also to an excessive effort; only they are eliminated by means of a better irrigation of the blood, providing heat, massage, but especially continuing the march even when in a beginning it he turns out to be painful, especially in the morning. The glucose helps to eliminate the lactic acid. It is not good the feet to be washed by cold water when “shoe-laces” are had; they precipitate furthermore the acids in crystals.



Few, two games of diary, a jerséis, a kangaroo for the wind, a long trousers type paravientos and a capelina. 2 wrap up us better jerséis thin that one thickness. The hat is very advisable. Towel of mike fibers or it can do to you the repair a ‘Vileda’ to dry. Do not forget the tweezers and safety pins to stretch the clothes.


it is not necessary a special diet. Always s’ it has to bring some food to the on, especially fruïts dry, fruit or chocolate, and the cantimplora full. It does not be necessary to load of excesives provisions, to the villages can buy what do fault. Anyway it asks to the shelters if to the next stage there is a supuermarket. The aliments than precise the body, as different specialists, are: 70 % d´hydrates of carbon, 20 % of proteins and 10 % of greases. To recover strengths quickly is advisable the glucose, diluted with liquids to do a slow absorption and good. The pure sugar, concentrated, is not convenient to take’l, can ocasionar a metabolic stir produïnt a hiperglucèmia artificial, ocasionant a no wished effect. It is convenient to eat little and often, have to exist a balance between the ingesta and the wear d’energy.


The thirst is signal d’alarm of body, indicates us l’ existence d’ a carència. S’it has to drink water although it do not have thirsty. S’ it has to control the diuresis, if no s’urine means that no sobren liquid. Together to the loss of liquids also with the sweat lose mineral, on all, chloride sodium. It is convenient salar the meals, eat bananas, for the potassium, and in any case  drinks with electrolytic type Aquarius.

Medicine cabinet:

it does not be necessary to carry a big medicine cabinet, all the shelters have . You do not forget the “cartilla” of the Social Security.


Daily stages of 25 to 30 kilometres is one good average of march, with a luggage d’ some 7 kg. Of weight. The average of kilometres to hour are some 4 km., rests included. 20 km = 5 hours.

To the walk:

To Summer avoids the hours of maximum heat, going out the sooner possible. Use protective cream for the only and a hat to protect the head of an insolació. L’success of all the things is directly related with effort that has represented to achieve it, circumstance that does to increase our self-esteem. I Walk it does not finish in reaching Santiago of Compostela, but that it is when begins the true path of the Life, continuing really in your heart. The time and l’space are two stigmas of the life quotidiana that to the Walk s’they banish, recovering a meaning and a very different value to what are accustomed. It is a vivència human a lot intense, that is worthwhile to live. The pelegrinació involves a sobriety with the expenses, is not of receipt ask free shelter and next spend the money without control. Be pilgrim comports to be honest. When you walk for the road, are careful, do not forget that you are the most fragile part and that the drivers do not stop enough attention to the pedestrians. You do not dismay you for the physical and material problems, Walk it puts on trial your psychic and spiritual fortress that no not your physical fortress.


Way of Sant James by bike

Practical advices:

You can realise with bicycle the greater part of the Walk that they follow the pilgrims walking, but the desnivells, the paths of land and irregular, and the weight of luggage does that it subtract reserved by the cyclists with big physical preparation. 95% of the cyclists realise it everything for road with the bicycles of mountain that are slower. The ideal bicycle is a mixed: mixture of the characteristic of the bicycle of road with the ones of mountain. Many bici-pilgrims use the one of mountain with 18 or 21 speeds, but are very heavy to cycling for the road for the greater width and drawing of the covers.


An average of 70/90 is normal enough km / day.


If it does not have a lot of practical with the bicycle, is necessary a previous training. Also it can training to the same Walk, but s’it has to take into account l’effort that apply the first days.


S´it has to take into account that the hostels of pilgrims fundamentally estàn thought by the pilgrims on foot, and these have preference to the squares of the shelter. The cyclist accustoms to use more often the pensions of the route. Another possibility is, if they go two or three companions, carry a tent and deliver the weight between all. This does that you can dispossar of your own accommodation and can share with the pilgrims on foot the services of hostel. If to last hour l’hostel has free squares, will not need to mount the tent.


it Uses vestimenta of cyclist, with T-shirts of showy colours in order to do you see on the road. They have groups of cyclists that carry a car of support, and go rotant the conduction of the vehicle, a day each. In that case the car will bring luggage of all. Interesting aspects to value are to carry tools to repair the bicycle in necessary case. The spectacles and the protective helmet are advisable for the advantages that comport.



Nutriments Purina, can advise you, C/ Pº Sant Joan, 189, 4º 08037 BCN – (Joaquim Clotet 932.857.411).
‘Guía del Camino de Santiago a Caballo’ Camino Francés. Internet – (620.049.423/915.592.949).

Centers of Information Jacobea


• Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago. C/Rúa Vieja, 3 – Bajo Logroño. La Rioja CP- 26001. p.o. box nº 315. Tel. 941.245.674 – Fax: 941 247 571. E-mail :  web:
• Guides by Internet:
• Móviles – APP – : Guide “Buen Camino” available en el Android Market o App Store. More information in
• Tracks and Maps : Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago. Web:

Guides of purchase
Guide of the Way of Santiago. Wide guide on the French, Aragonese Way and bulging variants from France by Antón Pombo. Spanish. Ed. 2012. Editorial ANAYA- 21,90 €.
Camino de Santiago: Camino Francés, Aragonés y Baztanés. De Carlos Mencos. Spanish Ed. 2012. Editorial Buen camino-19€ buy and update in
Camino de Santiago: Camino del Norte (Costa y primitivo). by Carlos Mencos. Spanish. Edition 2011.Ed. Buen camino- 22€ buy and update actualizar in
El Camino de Santiago por la costa o Camino del Norte. By Ángel González. Spanish. Edition 2010.Editorial Everest- 19,95€ buy and update in
Guía del Camino de Santiago. Wide guide on the Portuguese Way from Lisbon to Santiago. By Antón Pombo.
Spanish. Edición 2012. Ed. ANAYA-21,90€. .

You will find all the books in: Big Malls or in the Bookshop “Altaïr”. C/ Gran Vía, 616, BCN. (933.427.171 and sell by phone 933.427.177).

For after the way: “Peregrino” Magazine of the Way of Sant James of the Federación Española.





To be informed early about the service, specially in the transport of bicycles. In general, the bicycles his(her,your) conditions of trip will be that they will be folded and dismantled in his(her,your) case, and his(her,your) three dimensions will not overcome 180 cm. In trains of Half Conventional Distance it is not necessary that the bicycle travels inside a case. General Information (902.320.320


To be informed early about the service, specially in the transport of bicycles. Service Barcelona – Pamplona buses “Vibasa” (948.220.997 diario 07:00, 14:40, 21:45. 27,05€ ). Service Pamplona – Roncesvalles buses “Artieda” (948.300.287. 24 hours 6164.34.534/619.284.579. Monday to Friday at 18:00 h. July and August  at 10:00 h. too and saturdays at 16:00 h. July and August at 10:00 h. too 6€. ). Service Pamplona – Saint Jean de Port by buses “Conda” (902.422.242 from 16/07 to 31/08 an departure diary to Saint Jean de Port at 8:00 hours. From 30/05 to 30/09 an departure diary to Saint Jean de Port at 14:00 hours. From 17/03 to 01/11 an departure diary to Saint Jean de Port at 17:30 horas. ). Bus  Autobstation of Pamplona (948.223.854). More information of buses in Barcelona In Navarra

Flights, To be informed early about the service, specially in the transport of bicycles and staffs for the wayfarers.

TAXI, We recommend to call in advance and to make concrete the whole service. It is important to look at the number of seats and to search pilgrims to share expenses. The taxis have a supplement the bank holidays of 25%. Autonomous taxi drivers of villages of the nearness: Fermín Ventana, recomended by this asociation (609.447.058. 7+1 seats. To Roncesvalles 60€ . To SJP de Port 90€). Francisco Igoa, (649.725.951.7+1 seats. To Roncesvalles 60€ to SJP de Port 90€). Sr. Félix, (615.119.122. 7+1 seats. To Roncesvalles 60€ to SJP de Port 100€).                                                                                                                                                              From Santiago to Sarria  Telf. 607464072.

Virail is a metabuscador of means of transport who allows to accede in an alone glimpse to all the available means of transport for a great number of routes so much in Spain, ,like abroad. Across this platform, the pilgrims will be able to accede to schedules and tickets of bus (Alsa, Flixbus, etc.), train (Renfe, SNCF, etc.), plane (Iberia, Vueling, etc.) or to services of cars shared as Blablacar..

Transport of rucksacks and bicycles. Movement of rucksacks among stages and parcel of bicycles to the beginning of the way or of come back home.


Casal d´entitats, Ronda la Torrassa, 105 planta 2º 08903 L´Hospitalet de Llobregat (Bcn)


They exist multitude of private lodgings and housings this association recommends typical some deprived of pilgrims. Private lodging “Jaime García Rodríguez” (981.587.324. 176pl.6€). Private lodging “Seminario Menor” (981.589.200. 175 eatsl.10 – 12€). Private lodging “San Lázaro” (at the entry of the city 981.571.488/618.266.894. 80 seats.10€ first night). This asociation wants to recommend that for a good and cheap MENU in “Casa Manolo” Plaza de Cervantes, 3 (981.582.950). “O Restaurant Rúa” Rúa de San Pedro, 24 (981.556.469). For tapear advise Restaurant “O Gato Negro” Travesía do Franco (981.583.105). We clarify that the Office of Reception to the Pilgrim (where to receive Compostela) is in Rúa Carretas, 33 – CP 15705 (981.568.846 ). In the mass at 12:00 h, in the Cathedral there are named the pilgrims who come. Municipal office of Tourism is in Rúa do Vilar, 32 (981.555.129 ).


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