The credencial

It is indispensable to take the Credential of the Pilgrim due completed, that identifies us as pilgrims, and to allow us to accede to the lodgings.

It would be interesting that we were trying to obtain it in the different Associations, to which effects we indicate the address, in our Board of directors of Associations, of which they are working at this moment.

In the place in which we initiate our gait, they will certify us the day and form in which we realize the Way, by foot, in bicycle or astride. Along the Way, generally in the lodgings, they will put us the stamp and the date, and once let’s come to Santiago, accrediting that we have crossed as little the last 100 Kms. by foot or astride, or 200 Kms. in bicycle, we will be able, in the Office of Reception to the Peregrino it exists in the Cathedral, to obtain the Compostela, as long as our peregrination has been for religious, spiritual motives or of interior search.

Request of credencial

If you want to download a model of our credential application, click the icon.