What is the way of Sant James?

From the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle Santiago in Compostela in the 9th century, the Way of Santiago turns into the most important route of the peregrination of the medieval Europe. For the step of the pilgrims promoted to come to Compost Her to venerate the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, this served for an artistic development cultural and economic that I fill with multiple monuments and buildings artitisticos and historical for any route for that the Way of Santiago was passing leaving the fingerprint Jacobea along all this tracing.

But the way is not an archaeological rest with a splendid and historical past if not that is an alive Way, renewed that with the step of the new pilgrims, of the travelers, tourists etc. That re-lives through the way in full 21st century a history of the common heritage( of all the peoples of Europa.

To peregrinate to Santiago to the traditional way as a pilgrim, it is not a simple tourist or sports tour for a route artitistica in touch with the nature.

If not a question to the interior of one itself to the so called reflection, to the search of the most internal thing of us to uniting friendship to sharing the little that the others we us have with to understand some with others to know new cultures, beside finding the real religious and historical roots of our Europe.

Itis to renew a way of interior transformation, is to walk and to travel to the pace of the centuries, is … to do way of the life.

It is possible to say that the way of Santiago is a symbol. It is a route of faith, of art, of gastronomy, sports, own overcoming a meeting likewise, of culture, art, an arrival to the infinite, an ecological and human route, a trip for the stars and the Lacteal route.
Having finished to do the Way of Santiago have to be prepared to feel all these sensations and them to be able trasmitir to those who surround us for this we recommend to read sufficiently on the topic us interior mas of the way is able to enter in.
In the end to be informed well.