The Asociación de amigos del camino de Santiago has prepared for November 25, 2017 at 19:00 h. Jose Maria Blas Rodríguez’s presentation (The Father Blas of Blas de Fuenterroble de Salvatierra (Salamanca)).

About the Way of Santiago, says the Father Blas:

“The pilgrim without Faith does not go nowhere without the Hope to come to the goal one would drive to despair and shoot for the hut this so beautiful project and without the Charity it is to say the one that gets by the hospitality by the help of the companion and the one that in turn is also capable of trasmitir and to give would not find what is the grease the authentic flavor of the Peregrinaje.
The Route Jacobea is a great book in which we learn lessons of life.”

To know more of him, we recommend:


Insurance will be a luxury to listen to him, to learn of him and specially to recognize him what has given, he gives and insurance will continue giving to the Way of Santiago and to us themselves as Pilgrims

Only I still have to be grateful for your participation to you and well to do for this one your Association.
Receive a cordial greeting of:

Andrés Orta Ortega