The friends’ Association of the way of Santiago has prepared for September 23, 2017 at 20:00 h. an activity for all the pilgrims who want to represent and to want to tell his your personal experience in relation to the way of Santiago. This is done in order that the people who has the way of Santiago marked in your mind, could chat and debate colloquial this way to prosper furthermore.
In the next month of the interested and already known act the act without change to sign would have to give you witness if one comes only to the act or what quantity of people since(as,like) we wish in order that it is more a meeting of Pilgrims.
They are different acts, which in them we can take part and they will be very vivacious and in continuous growth for your originality and different persons. Of there that the association reserves the right to modify any change due to the circumstances. If you are interested in signing, you can go to the association on Tuesdays and not festive Saturdays from 18 to 20 hours from September 5 to September 19 or e-mail. Or calling in these schedules of attention to the Pilgrimss to the telephone 93.332.67.48 to know the quantity that we will be.
Only I still have to be grateful for your participation to you and well to do for this one your Association.

Receive a cordial greeting of:

Andrés Orta Ortega